A Macro Guide To All The Tourists Who Intent To Hire A Car In Sydney

A Macro Guide To All The Tourists Who Intent To Hire A Car In Sydney, Australia & Take A Divine Driving Pleasure?

drivesydneyAre you visiting Sydney – Australia? Yes, Australia is one of the most enthralling countries to visit. There is History, Culture, Heritage, Exotic locations, Kangaroos, Beaches and much more! Especially, without visiting Sydney your visit to this country is incomplete!

How Will You Travel To The Exotic Locations In Sydney?
Being a tourist, it is legal to hire a car. But there are certain rules and regulations for a Tourist Driver to undertake a safe driver course! A concept of a ‘Safe Driver’ is very well accepted across the entire Australia!

Why Is It Important To Undertake A Safe Driver Course On Visiting Sydney?
N.S.W Government has introduced the Safe Drivers Course with an aim of a safe driving precautionary measure for learner drivers less than 25 years of age. The main aim of the safe driver’s course is as follows –
1. Make aware the safe and defensive methods of driving. These methods will be useful for the drivers in the future as well!
2. To improvise the driver’s skills of driving a vehicle on the road.
3. Theoretical and practical driving knowledge will enhance the driving abilities of any driver, especially those tourists who are carrying the perpetual intention to drive in Sydney or any part of Australia!
4. The drivers are given an excellent training on High-Speed Management.
5. They are made aware of any hazardous circumstances and how to deal with them.
6. Understand the importance of tailgaters – and follow perfect following distance.
7. Drive with a perfect gap between cars – Gap selection.
8. Understand the importance of risk and crash!

Who Can Be Concluded As The “Safe Driver”?
1. The one who has physical awareness, skills and communication abilities with the other road users!
2. Today, the standard to be a competent driver is embarked with a 5-star safe driver! The driver who has learned the best of the practices with the advanced precautionary measures in this highly complicated driving habitat can be termed as the ‘Safe Driver’!
3. The top most priority of the Australian Government is – “SAFETY” – yours and the commuters around you. Hence it is your responsibility not only to become a great driver but also the Safe-Most- Driver; by joining the best Driving School in your vicinity!

If you are planning to visit Australia, You are Welcome! Instead of hiring a car & a driver, why don’t you drive yourself a car and get a driving pleasure? You can enjoy the Australian culture and understand their heritage. Also, you can save a hell lot of expenses on-site visit!
But, as a tourist, before thinking of driving a car by yourself, you should take some legal precautionary measures that will make your entire visit fruitful.

What’s On In Sydney In May 2016

If you think the only things to do in Sydney are shopping, dining and visiting top attractions, then you are absolutely wrong. When planning on visiting Australia, there are plenty of lovely events to look out for. Sydney, Australia is packed with plenty of events and activities that take place all year round. Regardless of what you are looking for – sports, cultural, arts or outdoor activities- Sydney has more than enough to offer for people of all ages. Some of the events in Sydney and its surrounding destinations that you may want to enjoy during your vacation are listed below.


Recognized as one of the longest running IRONMAN events on the face of the planet, Toyota IRONMAN has been one of the most celebrated events in Australia for more than 30 years. Dating back to 1985, IRONMAN Australia remains a top event to reckon with in the world, as it features 3.8 kilometer swim, 180 kilometer bike course and 42.2 kilometer run. The event takes place at the Greater jaPort Macquaire region with finish line at Town Green, which is considered to be among the world’s most spectacular courses. Toyota IRONMAN Australia play hosts to hundreds of competitors and thousands of local visitors and tourists. This is definitely an event not to miss out on

Thredbo Jazz Festival

Established in 1987, The Thredbo Jazz Festival is a fun filled celebration of Jazz music, delicious cuisine and exotic drinks set in scenic Thredbo in the heart of the Snowy Mountains. If you are looking to enjoy scenic views of the beautiful Snowy Mountains while enjoying great performances from some of the finest Jazz musicians in the country and the world at large, you should consider adding Thredbo Jazz Festival to your Sydney travel itinerary. The event’s 2016 edition will feature more than 18 bands seen in many different venues including lively bars, beautiful restaurants, at the Thredbo Village Square, top of the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift and several entertainment venues, offering thousands of jazz enthusiast and devotees the chance to go on an exhilarating musical journey around Thredbo.

World Cup Grand Masters

Recognized as one of the largest events held in Australia, the World Grand Masters tournaments attracts thousands of visitors from different parts of the world who come to experience the thrills and frills the tournament has to offer. Featuring over 1,260 players, 45 umpires, 25 officials, 70 medical personnel, 70 managers, up to 1,500 partners and proud supporters from many different countries, the tournament is hosted in Canberra. The Masters World Cup is one of the world’s largest international hockey tournaments which will be greatly contested by Master teams of different age categories.

Sydney Writers Festival

Taking place in Walsh Bay hub and several other great venues across the Central Business District and western suburbs, Sydney Writer’s Festival is considered the largest annual celebration of literature and ideas in Australia and the third largest writers’ festival in the world. Sydney Writers’ Festival attracts thousands of visitors and also plays host to over 300 writers both locally and international to participate in several entertaining events. Sydney Writers’ Festival recognizes the finest authors of fiction and nonfiction, as well as the best journalists and public intellectuals the world has to offer.

Narooma Oyster Festival

The Narooma Oyster Festival always has something on offer for everyone including families, fine foodies and pleasure lovers, as it combines high quality food experience with lots of entertaining activities for guests. Narooma Oyster Festival celebrates New South Wales fresh produce, and it features cooking demonstrations by celebrity and local chefs, wine sampling, oyster lessons and several cultural talents. The award winning Oyster Festival is renowned as the leading oyster and culture festival in Australia. The event also features great music and high quality family entertainment organized by the Blues Festival.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney

Mercedes-Benz prides is itself as one of the most popular partner of top international fashion platforms with great commitment to fashion for many years. Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival held at Carriageworks showcases great collections featuring highly experienced designers, influencers and great innovations. The events offers local designers the chance to showcase the very best in designs talents in Australia to a global audience of fashion lovers and press.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekend Edition

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekend Edition is a world class event held in Australia that showcases the brightest designers the country has to offer. Delve into the unseen, have a chance to interact with beautiful models, experience the frills and thrills of backstage and see Australia’s finest designers on the runway exclusively at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekend Edition. The event attracted the most influential fashion media as well as fashion aficionados from different parts of the world to Sydney for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weekend Edition, and it is just the perfect time to see the season’s trends.

Batlow Ciderfest

The Batlow CiderFest is one of the greatest festivals in Australia that attracts cider and live music enthusiasts to enjoy a great day of fun, entertainment, music, food and great ciders. It is a perfect time to interact with festival characters, mingle with cider producers, enjoy delectable food and learn more about cider. Batlow CiderFest which is celebrated at the end of the apple harvest is a celebration not to miss out. One of the most attractive activities is the street party as you will find lots of talented local entertained on stage and several entertainment venues including theaters and market stalls focusing on ciders and locally grown produce.

Port to Port MTB

The Port to Port MTB is an exhilarating event that plays host to mountain bike race across the spectacular local scenery of Newcastle, Port Stephens and the Hunter Valley. The bike racing hosts riders of all levels and it is considered the newest international stage MTB race. The Port to Port MTB is an international mountain biking event that draws thousands of visitors; covering beautiful trails all over the Port Stephens, New Castle and the Hunter region.

Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney features some of the most significant creative industry forums in the world with plenty of great music and colorful lighting sculptures. One of the events to enjoy the best of arts and technology in Australia is Sydney Vivid. The event illuminates and brings Sydney alive with its colorful light art sculpture, and innovative light installations. Popularly known as the festival of light, Vivid Sydney is one of the world’s largest outdoor art gallery that celebrates the finest lightning artists and designers from Australia.

The Unexplored Gili Islands

Located on the northwest coast of Lombok in Indonesia, the three strikingly beautiful Gili Islands – Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan – feature lots of pristine white sand beaches, making it a top tourist attractions for tourists and budget travelers the world all over. Renowned for its serenity, tranquility and affordability, the Gilis are a prefect alternative to Bali for those looking for a quieter vacation as they offer great beaches and delicious seafood. It is considered one of the most popular vacation spots for Australians as the islands are just perfect for relaxation and lazing in the sun. Of the three, Gili Meno is the smallest and considered a perfect destination for honeymooners due to its secluded atmosphere. Gili Trawangan is recognized for its vibrant nightlife with plenty of entertainment venues, bars and restaurants. Gili Air is the quietest of all and offers great beach activities including diving for visitors of all types.

How to get to Gili Islands from Australia

Australians, in particular have a love affair with the Gili Islands due to its charming beauty, pristine beaches and serene atmosphere. If you are planning on visiting Bali from anywhere in the world, particularly Australia, there are several airlines that offer flights to Denpasar, the capital city of Bali. International Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar, Bali serves millions of travelers annually and the increasing numbers of tourists has doubled the number of direct flights to Bali from different parts of the world including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Munich etc. Some of the airlines that offers direct flight from Bali to Australia include Jetstar, Virgin Australia, and Garuda. The major gateway of getting into Gili Islands for international travelers is International Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar, Bali. The fastest and most popular way of getting to the Gili Islands is by the reputable fast boats either from Bali or Lombok. Visitors will find lots of reputable companies offering quality, reliable fast boats services to the Gili Islands. Depending on your starting point, the Gili Islands is only 5 – 25 minutes boat trip from Lombok and about one hour 30 minutes – 2 hours from Bali.

Money saving tips

Every traveler is looking for the best way to save money, spend less and experience the most remarkable moments while on a vacation. One of the cost effective ways of getting around and enjoying the natural beauty and stunning landscape of the islands is by renting a bike. There is also tons of street stalls selling delectable food at affordable rates. It is advisable to eat here and get up close with local culture rather than visiting the luxurious restaurants.

Best time to go to the Gili Islands

Featuring a temperate climate, the Gili Islands is a great vacation destination for everyone including solo travelers, families, honeymoon or groups. The best time of the year to visit the Gili Islands is from June to August considered the peak season. This period also features the most pleasant climate in the Gili Islands, thus making it a perfect time to vacation here. If you love scuba diving, then you should consider visiting from May to September, but it is also possible to dive all year round.

Things to do

Though these islands may be small but there are tons of fun filled activities for visitors of all ages. Here is a list of some of the top things to do while vacationing in the Gili Islands
Diving- one of the most popular activities at the Gilis is diving. It is considered very suitable for everyone including amateurs and experts because of the great water condition offering good visibility and mild currents. The best time of the year for diving is from May to September. Here you will find a wide range of beautiful diving spots ranging from leisurely to challenging including Gili T’s Deep Turbo, Gili Air’s Hans Reef, or Halik Reef, off the coast of Gili T.

Snorkeling.  If you really don’t like diving, then you can try out snorkeling, which is best enjoyed on the north eastern coast of Gili T. Here you will find plenty of beautiful marine creatures including turtles.

Great sunset views.  Another fun thing to do while on a holiday in the Gilis is watching the sunset. The highest view point, located on a hill on the southern end of Gili Trawangan offers an excellent view extending towards Bali and Lombok. It is among the most spectacular spots to catch stunning views and snap pictures of the sunset on the island.

Visit Gili Meno’s bird park.  Take a trip to Gili Meno’s bird park for a chance to see colorful birds living in a natural habitat. Some of the birds to find here include peafowls, eagles, pelicans and much more.

Surfing.  The southern region of Gili Trawangan is one of the best spots for surfing as you will find hundreds of surfers here. The waves are just perfect and it also offers great wind throughout the year. There are lessons for surfers of all levels making it a perfect place for beginners as well.

Relax on the beaches.  The Gili Islands offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world where visitors can lounge and laze in the sun. One of the reasons why most tourists visit the Gili Islands is to have a feel of the relaxing beach life the islands have to offer. Clear waters, white sands, pleasant climate and several water sport activities – all these make the Gili Islands beaches one of the most popular attractions for unwinding and getting some sun.

Experience great nightlife.  Gili Trawangan is recognized as the party islands where visitors can party all night long. Gili T is home to a handful of local bars serving great tasting drinks and organizing party nights. The most popular Full Moon parties which attracts thousands of revelers are held on the beaches.

Plan a day trip to Lombok.  If you haven’t visited Lombok, then now is the best time to spend some valuable time on this islands. The islands which has close proximity to the Gili Islands is easily accessible by fast boats. Lombok offers several fun filled activities for visitors such as surfing, trekking and attractions.