Sweden Car Hire

Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe and the third largest country by area in European Union. It is a prosperous nation with one of the highest standards of living in the world. Its prosperity mainly comes from its neutrality policy which states that Sweden would stay neutral in every conflict in the world. Due to this policy Sweden has been able to build good relations with almost all countries in the world. On a macro level, Sweden seems like a problem free country but its citizens can still face some problems like getting late for an important event because of a car’s engine burning out. We at Right Car Hire strive to provide a solution to this type of problem by making it easy for anyone to choose and book a convenient and affordable rental car. You can get your car to the mechanic and rent a car through our website.

Sweden has played an important role in the advancement and modernization of the world. Its companies and their products are known and sold all over the world. Volvo for instance, is a multi-billion dollar Swedish automobile company that has been selling automobiles all over the world since World War II. The world also has to thank Sweden for the retail giant IKEA which has retail stores in all the six inhabited continents of the world.

Sweden’s capital is Stockholm which is also the birthplace of Alfred Nobel. He is the person responsible for the establishment of Nobel Prize which is now internationally considered the highest achievement award. On the contrary he is also known for inventing the dynamite. There is a Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm which is dedicated to providing information on the work of Nobel Prize winners. Unlike other large countries in the European Union like England and France, very few Swedes have made a mark on the world, but they have made a strong and permanent mark. A Swedish astronomer by the name of Anders Celsius was responsible for the Celsius Thermometer Scale. They have also made a mark on the entertainment industry, their band ABBA was a globally recognized pop music band. It enjoyed success all over the world and won a lot of international music awards. There is also a museum in Sweden which exhibits the services of ABBA to the music industry of Sweden and the world.

Swedish city of Malmo is home to the largest building in Nordic countries which is called the Turning Torso. It is a beautiful building with a futuristic touch which is no less than a piece of art. As the Scandinavian countries were once ruled by Vikings, you can find a lot of Viking artifacts in Sweden’s museums. Sweden has been ruled by monarchs for than a millennium, this is why you’ll find a lot of castles in Sweden, some of which can be visited as a tourist destination. It is a good destination for people from all walks of life i.e. historians, music and opera lovers, scientists etc. If you are planning a trip to Europe, then you should definitely have Sweden on your list. Additionally you should have Right Car Hire on your list too so that you can move around the country in a convenient and affordable manner.

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