How To Get The Most Out Of Sydney’s Vivid Lights

From 27 May – 18 June, Sydney will come alive for 23-day festival of light, music and ideas. Over 1.7 million people from all walks of life are set to attend what touted as one of the world’s largest festival. How do you make the most out of the Vivid Lights in Sydney?

vividsydneyFirst you’ve got to know where to be. There will be over 80 lighting installations and at least 50 will have interactive elements. The Opera House has always been the centrepiece of the festival. This year, it will feature the works of six renowned artists from different clans on its sails- they will be lit with “Songlines”. It’s the first Indigenous work to be commissioned for the Opera House’s sails. The Museum of Contemporary Art will have a seamless blend of acrylic and oil paint splashes.

Customs House will take you on a story of Sydney’s journey through its blue-tongued lizards. The lizards will guide viewers through eye-popping landscapes, brimming with flora and fauna, and home to witches and wizards, garden gnomes and even cocky cockatoos. It’s fun for the whole family, and especially the kids.

Do you need a hug? Do you want to know how a tree feels when you hug it? As you drive around the city, head to Ciaran Frame’s installation “Treehugger” at Circular Quay. The trees light up in different colours, in response to each person’s unique hug- everyone has a personal touch. Are you a romantic? Do you want to show your family how much they mean to you? Shout “I love you!” at each other at the giant lolly shaped heart on the MCA side of the Circular Quay.

There’ll be a giant laser-light dragon in Darling Harbour. It features 25-metre-high moving fountains, 4 video projected water-screens, 10 powerful lasers, flame jets, and a “dragon’s head” constructed from a water-screen that’s mounted on a 13-metre robotic arm. There are 3 completely different shows, each one coming every half hour. Head out to the Royal Botanic Garden and marvel at its gateway- the 70m-long Cathedral of light.

There are many more sights and sounds. In case you don’t want to mingle with the huge crowds, go on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. You can also stay up late, since the lights don’t turn of till 11pm. Here’s a neat tip: Go for a drive around the city on the night of June 1. It’s the State of Origin night, so most Vivid visitors will either be at home watching the game, or at the ANZ stadium.

Australian Wedding Photography & Wedding Cars

Going to tie the knot? Many people have directed their weddings, and they are the best planners for yours. Just getting the inviting card ready and all the celebrations to do, you forget all the important things that you actually require to do. With the wedding round the corner, your list to be done keeps increasing. From selecting the menu, to catering services and transport, there are thousands of things that are needed to be done. But with the right co-ordination and active support, your list will not seem such a cumbersome task.

Out of all the things to be done there are two more that just slip out of mind due to the frenzy environment. They are the plans of your wedding photography and your wedding car. Sydney Australia, has the best wedding photographers and cars to tailor the best of your needs.

Choosing the right photographer gets your wedding in a story mode that you can later play whenever you want. Unfolding your photos from the start of preparation to the first instant you look into the eyes of each other, to the smile, drinks, through the tears, you seem to be right back in the wedding arena.

Photographs, so artistically clicked, gives you your dream catch, and showcases the love flow and the presence of happiness. You can live your life with these images that can transform you from reality back to your big day.

weddingcarclassicEvery wedding is different, has its own style, place, celebrations, rules which makes it necessary to catch those moments. With and elegant and artistic touch, the story should reflect your personality, your virtues and make you smile. There are many photography packages that are quite affordable in Australia, Sydneyout of which some cater destination photography also.

The next big thing is your wedding car. Not only does it defines your status, but it is also the first and the last thing in your wedding. From the entry to the departure, your wedding car says it all. It is not wise to delay choosing your wedding car, or who know you might end up in a car that you never like, all because of last moment haste.

Gliding serenely out of a vintage car, sets the mood, defines the elegance and turns on the charm. There are many enthusiastic collectors of vintage and others cars in Australia and where you can avail a lot of options to decide your pick.

This is your big moment and it is necessary to make it memorable. Arriving with your best car, cushioned with the comfortable leather and your own chauffeur, you mark off your transformation from princess to a queen. For extra elegance and luxury, let the red carpet roll.

Keeping your wedding theme in mind, choose the appropriate car colour. You can decide on champagne, white, silver or black. There are also some special package services that offer a decoration kit of your car plus boutique services on your photography location. Moreover you can arrange a different car for your departure. Live up to your expectations and remember that this is the best day of your life!


The Vernal Equinox – What It Means For Some Countries

As the Earth revolves around the sun, there seems to be two seasons annually when the Sun positioned itself above the equator, thus making day and night nearly equal in length throughout the world. These times of the year is known as equinoxes, which is expected to occur around March 20 or 21 and September 22 or 23, 2016. This date marks the Northern Hemisphere’s vernal (spring) equinox and the autumnal equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.

Translated literally, equinox means “equal nights”. Vernal equinox is known the world all over as the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. The September equinox also known as autumnal equinox marks the beginning of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. The equinox which takes place in March, also known as vernal equinox, is that time of the year when the Northern Hemisphere lean towards the sun, thus making the days longer and sunnier, and autumnal equinox is that time of the year when the Southern Hemisphere starts tilting away from the sun.

Earth revolve. Illumination of the earth during various seasons. The Earth's movement around the Sun. Top position: vernal equinox. Bottom: autumnal equinox. Left: summer solstice. Right: winter solstice.
Earth revolve. Illumination of the earth during various seasons. The Earth’s movement around the Sun. Top position: vernal equinox. Bottom: autumnal equinox. Left: summer solstice. Right: winter solstice.

Myths about equinox

A lot of people in different parts of the world have been celebrating the vernal equinox dating back centuries. For ancient cultures, the vernal equinox is perceived by many as the time of the year which brings substantial hope that food supplies will return any moment. The Great Sphinx which was constructed by the early Egyptians to point directly towards the rising Sun during vernal equinox. Vernal equinox also plays a significant role in Christianity, because the first Sunday after the display of the first full moon that the vernal equinox took place usually falls on Easter. Even some group of person also believe that something magical happens when vernal equinox takes place. Legends have it that you can easily balance eggs on end during vernal equinox.

Things to know about equinox

Equinox, which marks the start of the astronomical seasons occurs twice every year, as it ushers in spring season in the Northern hemisphere. This is a time of the when the sun is shining directly on the Earth’s equator, offering the same amount of sunshine and darkness the world all over at this time. Some of the interesting things to know about vernal equinox include:

  • The vernal equinox is sometimes referred as spring equinox or March equinox, which occurs in the Northern hemisphere and signals the beginning of spring;
  • The autumnal equinox sometimes referred to as fall equinox occurs in the southern hemisphere and signals the beginning of autumn season;
  • It is believed that you can easily balance eggs on ends or possibly make a broomstick stand upright all by itself during this time;
  • Equinox was formed by the combination of two Latin words “Equi” meaning “equal” and “nox” literally meaning “night”;
  • Precisely on 22nd day of September, the autumnal equinox will take place in the southern hemisphere;
  • The spring equinox signals the celebration of several religious holidays including Easter and Passover.

Celebrating the beginning of new season

The vernal equinox is widely celebrated among people from different parts of the world and considered a time of rebirth in the Northern Hemisphere.

Cherry blossom in Japan

As spring season draws closers, locals in Japan anticipates the arrival of cherry blossom, locally known as Sakura. There is a televised Cherry Blossom Forecast in the country offering detailed analysis of the blooms, as they move from the southern region to the northern region of the archipelago.

Holi festival

One of the widely celebrated festivals during the vernal equinox is the colorful Holi festival. This is one of the greatest religious festivals that has gained much popularity among people the world all over. This impressive Hindu festival is mainly celebrated in India and Nepal as well as some parts in the United Kingdom. The Holi festival is an indication that good came out victorious over evil. The celebration is opened with a bon fire where fun lovers engage in several entertaining activities such as singing and dancing. The next day of the events involves participants throwing colored balloons at each other. It is most definitely an event not to miss out on especially for revelers.

One of the most remarkable days that most of us see as symbolic of changing seasons is March 20, 2016. Equinox signals the beginning of major changes in the astronomical cycle of the earth. The vernal equinox happens at exactly the same time the world all over.