Why Travel to Lisbon

As a first timer to the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, you are most likely thirsting to see the charm and beauty of nature all around you; the charming cobbled streets, friendly atmosphere, and lovely quaint buildings. For those who are interested in exploring the historical past of the city of Lisbon will benefit greatly from a “Lisboa Card’. This offers you low prices on tickets to many different famous museums, ancient buildings, art galleries and other lovely attractions Lisbon has to offer. In addition, getting around on all public transport facilities regardless of the location is absolutely free. With a ‘Lisbon Shopping Card’, you have the opportunity of shopping in over 200 stores and shops at discounted rates.Belem Tower

Lisbon is home to a lot of must see sites. To start off with, you can visit the ‘Armazéns do Chiado’ shopping mall where you can buy several items including jewelry, bags, clothes, souvenirs and much more. The top floor of the building offers stunning views of the city of Lisbon. Here you’ll find plenty of restaurants and cafes serving great tasting meals and exotic drinks. It is a perfect place to also relax and unwind. Take a boat trip along the wide mouth of the River Tagus, which divides the metropolitan area in two. There are two lovely bridges to see here. The first amongst the bridges which links Lisbon with the Setubal peninsula is the Ponte de Abril, formerly known as Salazar Bridge. The second is the Ponte Vasco da Gama, renowned for being the longest in Europe and ninth in the world, spanning over 11 miles.

Other incredible landmarks that makes Lisbon a favorite among tourists from different parts of the world include the Alfama, where you can feel the vibrant atmosphere of the ancient Moorish buildings and narrow streets. Visitors shouldn’t miss out on exploring the ancient district of Mouraria, which once served as a refuge got the Moorish citizens shortly after the city was taken over by the Portuguese crusaders. The area was severely damaged but renovations have been ongoing to restore its charm and beauty. The magnificent Torre de Belem is also a place not to miss out on visiting as it stands out as a unique symbol of the city of Lisbon.

Other places worth visiting include the Aqueduct, Campo Pequeno, Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Parque das Nações and many more. Your trip to Lisbon promises to be worthwhile and remarkable. If you a want to enjoy your vacation in Lisbon, you should make arrangement for an accommodation ahead of time in one of the best hotels in the city.

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