Top 5 Best Countries To Live In

So many people have been pondering and wondering about the best countries to live in the world today. Polls have been done and researches made to get detailed information on where it is best to live. Some of the factors to consider include safety, low crime rate, low level of corruption, culture, cost of living, affordable health care, warm tropical climate and much more. If you are thinking about relocating overseas, check out a list of best countries to live in


France is considered one of the best countries in the world to live in. Despite the fact that taxes in France are a bit higher than expected, the standard of living is high. Featuring a slow-paced lifestyle, France is a destination where newcomers can easily get adapted to. France has one of the best health care system in the world as it is directly run by the government. The country also features one of the world’s most impressive cuisine including cheese, wine and bread. The beautiful cities of France offer an easy going lifestyle, making it one of the most reasonable, romantic and relaxing place to live in.


Australia, sometimes referred to as the “Lucky Country” is another great destination to live in. with mild climate all year round, magnificent beaches, strong economy and an active lifestyle, Australia feature unique culture and exotic cuisine. The cost of living is low in comparison to several other major destinations in the world. The country’s natural beauty and charm makes it one of the most attractive places to live.


A list of the best countries to live without mentioning Switzerland will be considered incomplete. Despite the economic crisis, Switzerland has remained resolute in maintaining a high standard of living. Foreigners from any part of the world will find Switzerland a conducive and comfortable place to live in, as there is the use of many languages including English (official language), Italian, German, and Romansch. The country is renowned for its rich tradition of folklore music, fancy Swiss cheese which has holes in it, skiing at high altitudes around captivating scenery, and of course, the famous Swiss Bank.


If you are planning on relocating overseas, Germany is a great option. The country is a beautiful place to live in. Germany is ranked high in the list of countries with improved standard of living. Despite the global economic challenges, Germany still give its citizens 30 days of paid annual salary. Home to wonderful parks, beautifully constructed roads, natural beauty and temperate climate, Germany is one of the friendliest countries to enjoy nature at its very best.

New Zealand

New Zealand features unspoiled landscape and natural beauty, making it an incredible place to relax and experience massive fun. The country is a place where newly-wed can conveniently start a family. Magnificent beaches, strong economy and active lifestyle makes New Zealand a great destination to consider when planning to relocate overseas. Another great reason why New Zealand is a great destination to live is the low crime rates, quality healthcare, low poverty rate and low level of corruption.

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