Tips To Save Money On A Sydney Wedding

The average cost of a wedding in Sydney is $36,200, where the Bride and Groom save for around three years to become man and wife. Not everyone has that type of money available, while other people decide not to get married due to the time it takes and the sacrifices they have to make. However, there are ways to cut down the cost of a Sydney wedding and the time it takes to say I Do.

Below are just some of our tips, which includes how a Sydney car hire company can provide huge savings.

1. Reception

The reception is one of the biggest costs when it comes to a wedding. One reason behind this is not keeping the guest numbers under control. It’s important to remember this is your day.

Tip 1. By reducing the number of people, you invite to the wedding reception and by only inviting close family and friends, it could provide a huge saving.

Tip 2. When looking to order either a sit-down meal or a buffet, find out what your guests like and do not like. It allows you to order the right food and not to over order, which then leaves a waste at your expense.

Tip 3. You can reduce the cost of a wedding reception in Sydney by booking it either out of the wedding season or by booking it on a less popular day.

Tip 4. If you can find a wedding reception where they allow you to arrange your own buffet, then speak to family and friends and work out how much you could save by letting them arrange the buffet for you.

Tip 5. Speak to a local catering college if you have one in your area and see if the students would be interested in providing the food for the wedding. A lot of catering colleges provide this service to give their students more experience. It provides a great way to reduce the cost of the wedding reception.

Tip 6. Have the wedding ceremony at the same venue as your wedding reception. By doing this, it can provide you with a huge saving, including the cost of transportation.
2. Wedding Cars

The cost of the wedding cars can be expensive. Not only do you need to hire a car for the bride and a car for the groom, but you also need to hire the drivers. Some people also book wedding cars to take family and close friends to the wedding venue, which can increase the cost.

Tip 1. Hire a car from a Sydney car hire company. By choosing to hire a car instead of going direct to a wedding car hire company, it can help reduce the cost. There are many types of cars that could be used for the Bride and Groom, a good example would be a Toyota Camry.

Tip 2. If you are looking to provide transport for close family and friends, then avoid hiring a wedding or wedding cars. Some happy couples look at transporting three to four family members and friends at a time, which can result in a huge expense. By going direct to a Sydney car hire company and choosing a larger vehicle such as a Toyota Tarago, which is an eight seater, you can transport more people at the same time while reducing the overall cost.

These are just some of the tips available. There are many more ways to reduce the cost of a wedding in Sydney, which include having friends or students arrange the flowers for the wedding.

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