Cutest Dog Breeds And Their Country Of Origin

Dogs have actually been helpful to mankind as they are used for learning, working, hunting and sometimes used by security personnel for investigation purposes to keep track of suspects. Not only are dogs used for hunting or investigation purposes, they are also considered the best companions for human. Dogs are one of the world’s friendliest animals for humans and considered man’s best friend. Have you ever thought about where your beautiful dog originated from? Most dog breeds originate from Germany, but there are some countries the world all over that have a few cute dog breeds to their name. There is a wide selection of beautiful dogs you can find all around the world and you will be astonished on knowing the unique features of these dog breeds. In the list below are some of the most beautiful dog breeds from all over the world.

Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer which originates from Germany is a breed of small dog of the Schnauzer. Regarded as one of the world’s cutest breed of dogs, the Miniature Schnauzer comes in three different colors and are have great qualities of watch dogs. They are friendly, smart, active, obedient and mostly fond of barking than biting, thus alerting property owners of intruders. Miniature Schnauzer are fun to have as pets especially for kids because they are one of the most playful and cheerful dog breeds across the globe. It is one of the cutest dog breeds to add to your pet list. If you are planning your next trip to Germany and looking to get one of these dog breeds, then consider making reservation for a cheap car rental for convenient, stress free ride to your destination within the country.


Alopekis, literally meaning small fox, is an ancient Greek dog. This breed of dog is cheerful, good-natured, friendly and can be found in many different colors such as golden, cream, black and white, brown, and white. Commonly referred to as Moropa or Bobis, this small purebred is known for being aggressive and courageous. Due to their protective nature and also proven to be territorial, Alopekis are considered one of the best dogs breeds in the world for guarding and herding.


Akita Inu

Akata Inu originally comes from the mountainous regions of Japan, and are known for their patience, aggressive, agility, highly tempered, and independence. These breed dogs are protective and good natured to owners and family members but unfriendly and aggressive to strangers and dogs of same sex.



The Chihuahua is originally from Mexico and considered one of the dog breeds that’s more difficult to train. They have a great fur that hardly sheds
and easy to groom. They are a favorite choice among homeowners because of their special qualities such as courage, liveliness, protection and for being alert at all times. Chihuahua comes in many different colors such as white, black and tan, and black. In order to prevent restlessness, and boredom while ensuring it stays healthy at all times, regular exercise is necessary. They serve as watchdogs and are much loved among pet owners because of their obedience.

Berense Mountain Dog

Rated as one of the cutest dogs on the face of the planet, Bernese Mountain Dog is originally from Germany. They are friendly, well-mannered, obedient, less aggressive and love the outdoors. Bernese Mountain are energetic, active and motivated through daily exercise to improve health and enhance speed. This large breed dog are playful and can serve as a great pet for kids especially.

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow originates from China and renowned for being one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs in the world that every pet owner would do everything it takes to have. Considered one of the oldest dog breeds still in existence, the Chow Chow are mostly found at the entrance of Buddhist temples and royal residences. This dog breed can be found in many different colors and most liked for its striking coat. Although, Chow Chow are not as active as other dog breeds but can serve as a nice pet for kids. In order to improve the dog’s health and prevent boredom, it is highly recommended to take regular exercise such as short walk. Are you visiting China for the first time? Why not opt for cheap car rental and go on a long drive with a Chow Chow sitting next to you. Because of their natural beauty and friendly nature, this breed of dogs attracts people of all kinds when seen on the road.

Icelandic Sheep Dog

Iceland, a spectacular travel destination that has something for all ages, is home to some of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world including Icelandic Sheep Dog. This breed of dogs can be likened to Norwegian Buhund often used for herding. Icelandic Sheep comes in a wide range of colors including white, black, black and white, chocolate, gray, fawn, and chocolate. They have great physical appearance including thick fur which is weather proof, impressive heights and considered to be one of the most energetic dogs. The dogs of this breed have little or no hunting skills but are just perfect to herd sheep. They are friendly, lively, cheerful and can go along with you to explore some of the best attractions in the country in your cheap car rental. Before heading out, be sure to know which tourist destinations in the country allows pet.


Germany is home to some of the most spectacular breeds of dogs in the world including the small sized breed Pomeranian. These dogs are playful, energetic, friendly, fun to be with and found to be aggressive to strangers and other dogs, thus making it one of the best guard dogs. They love to protect their owners and made the list of the cutest dog breeds because of their attractive appearance. There is no better way to explore Germany than opting for a cheap car hire. It is cheap, affordable and the most convenient way of getting around the country with the small sized breed Pomeranian.




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