Different Wedding Venues in Sydney Australia

The search for celebrating your love and your big day is the most important task and also daunting one. The venue forms the signature of your theme, style and type of wedding ceremony, making it obvious to keep a theme in mind before you start your search for the perfect place.

Sydney is a home to beautiful and extravagant wedding venues. Outdoor weddings are very popular in Sydney where the Sun shines throughout the year and the atmosphere is bright and energetic. The Sun shining over the harbor and many national parks and gardens make the perfect setting for an outdoor celebration of your important day. We have listed below some mixed suggestions for wedding venues in Sydney ranging from regal, traditional or vintage and rustic.

curzonhallweddingvenue1. Curzon Hall

If you have always dreamt of getting married in a castle like the royal families do, Curzon hall is the place for you. This property which is listed in Australia’s heritage provides three developed gardens for wedding ceremonies with stylish and well equipped rooms. This property has an occupancy of 500 people and is a perfect destination for regal theme weddings and is a treat for the wedding photographers to depict the old world charm.

2. Miramare Gardens

The Huge Miramare Gardens with capacity of 500 people caters to the need of people who want a lavish outdoor wedding of a modern style. The garden is specifically landscaped with water features which can be used to set up a marquee. The venue also has tall ceiling reception rooms which can host a classy event.

3. WaterView Bicentennial Park

Waterview Bicentennial Park with a capacity of 1000 people is your venue if you want to get married with nature in the backdrop. The vast parks and lakes and scenery in the vicinity is like a cherry on the cake for your function. You may have seen many wedding videos from this venue where the photographers use the waterbody and greenery for enhancing pictures.

4. Oatlands House

Oatlands house is a home style estate best suited for a smaller wedding function. With a capacity of 200-300 people, this property is influenced with French architecture and designs which take you back in the glorious time of French history. This venue is perfect for a country style outdoor wedding with a rustic theme.

5. Sydney College of Arts

To give your wedding a classic colonial touch, the Sydney College of Arts which is located in the inner west part of Sydney is very well suited. The historic sandstone buildings and the walkways with heritage trees give a classic romantic theme to your wedding.

6. Panorama House

Panorama house, has a small capacity of 100 on the garden and 400 in the rooms and is a stunning location with the water view of Pacific Ocean and South Coast. The venue is one hour away from Sydney and has a gorgeous gazebo and seating in garden style. This venue is perfect for elite weddings with style and comfort.

Apart from these, the Bendooley estate, Dunbar House, Bradleys Head etc. are some of the garden style venues where you can entertain your guests in a way closer to nature making your wedding memorable.

Australian Wedding Photography & Wedding Cars

Going to tie the knot? Many people have directed their weddings, and they are the best planners for yours. Just getting the inviting card ready and all the celebrations to do, you forget all the important things that you actually require to do. With the wedding round the corner, your list to be done keeps increasing. From selecting the menu, to catering services and transport, there are thousands of things that are needed to be done. But with the right co-ordination and active support, your list will not seem such a cumbersome task.

Out of all the things to be done there are two more that just slip out of mind due to the frenzy environment. They are the plans of your wedding photography and your wedding car. Sydney Australia, has the best wedding photographers and cars to tailor the best of your needs.

Choosing the right photographer gets your wedding in a story mode that you can later play whenever you want. Unfolding your photos from the start of preparation to the first instant you look into the eyes of each other, to the smile, drinks, through the tears, you seem to be right back in the wedding arena.

Photographs, so artistically clicked, gives you your dream catch, and showcases the love flow and the presence of happiness. You can live your life with these images that can transform you from reality back to your big day.

weddingcarclassicEvery wedding is different, has its own style, place, celebrations, rules which makes it necessary to catch those moments. With and elegant and artistic touch, the story should reflect your personality, your virtues and make you smile. There are many photography packages that are quite affordable in Australia, Sydneyout of which some cater destination photography also.

The next big thing is your wedding car. Not only does it defines your status, but it is also the first and the last thing in your wedding. From the entry to the departure, your wedding car says it all. It is not wise to delay choosing your wedding car, or who know you might end up in a car that you never like, all because of last moment haste.

Gliding serenely out of a vintage car, sets the mood, defines the elegance and turns on the charm. There are many enthusiastic collectors of vintage and others cars in Australia and where you can avail a lot of options to decide your pick.

This is your big moment and it is necessary to make it memorable. Arriving with your best car, cushioned with the comfortable leather and your own chauffeur, you mark off your transformation from princess to a queen. For extra elegance and luxury, let the red carpet roll.

Keeping your wedding theme in mind, choose the appropriate car colour. You can decide on champagne, white, silver or black. There are also some special package services that offer a decoration kit of your car plus boutique services on your photography location. Moreover you can arrange a different car for your departure. Live up to your expectations and remember that this is the best day of your life!


Touring Melbourne

Melbourne is considered the heart of Australia and also one of the “world’s most livable cities” by popular demand. Melbourne is the capital and unarguably the most populous city in the Australian state of Victoria and the second most populous city in Australia and Oceania. Located on a coastal plain in Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne consists of an orderly grid of streets where the state parliament, banks, multinational corporations and splendid buildings attributed to Queen Victoria’s era now stands. A visit will enable you to experience the stunning vistas, and myriad of attractions on a road tour through the diverse and beautiful landscapes of Melbourne and beyond. One of the best ways of exploring the great attractions in your convenience in Melbourne by opting for a cheap car hire.

Why go

Thriving Markets: Melbourne is home to plenty of shopping opportunities and markets where a variety of items and souvenirs are sold. The expansive Queen Victoria Market (the Vic) is home to several hundreds of stores and shops where visitors can find lots of items to satisfy their needs. Other places of interest for shopaholics include Prahran Market and St. Kilda’s Sunday market.

Sizzling Nightlife: Revelers are sure to have an extremely delightful moment while vacationing in Melbourne. Some of the best night life spots in Melbourne are located in King Street and Flinders Lanes, where you will find plenty of pubs, bars and vibrant clubs. For a chance to enjoy the best of live music performance, you should consider visiting the notable pubs scattered all over Fitzroy, Collingwood and Brunswick.

Delicious International Cuisines: Melbourne offers one of the finest dining experience in Australia, as it houses several top restaurants serving delectable cuisine to guests. The Chinese restaurants located in Little Bourke Street is one of the best places to enjoy lovely Chinese food and it will give any restaurant in Hong Kong a run for its money, without an iota of doubt. Richmond’s Victoria Street convincingly replicates the mouthwatering cuisines offered in Vietnam.

Sports Arena: Sports happen to be a uniting factor in Melbourne where people from different backgrounds converge to share a common love. Melbournians, like Aussies in general do love great sport activities. The Melbourne Cup horse race and the Australian Rules Football are one of the sport events that draws thousands of people to Melbourne annually.

When to Go to Melbourne

Melbourne enjoys a temperate climate all year round though there are times where the climate is either extremely cold or extremely hot. Melbourne is at its best in autumn, and it considered the best time of the year to explore its many parks for chance to see magnificent greenery.

Melbourne has good road networks that enables a fascinating road tour around the city’s beautiful sceneries. With a good cheap car rental Melbourne, you can travel drive around and appreciate the beauty of Melbourne, enjoy good food and tasty wine, sample outstanding local produce, regional cuisine on an adventurous drive through the forests and rolling vineyards, deserts and historic towns. Choose your own adventure while exploring all Melbourne has to offer in your cheap car rental Melbourne.